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Hello, everyone! My name is ZhouZheng, I’m so glad to have a speech for you all today! Well, do you know what the focus is in my following speech? Ha-ha, nobody knows? OK, here we go! Let me lead you to a magic world!

Look, who’s that? ZhouZheng? Oh, no, I meant the one on the right! It’s Harry Potter! I bet you all know him, or at least have heard about him before! In fact, he is so fascinating that I have actually attracted by him, especially for his magic world!

As you can see, whether in the movies or in reality, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are always standing by Harry’s side. In other words, they are good friends indeed! That is what I envy mostly.

However, It’s quiet an interesting story about Harry Potter’s born. Why? Well, it is said that when J.K.Rowling was traveling on a train, suddenly the idea of creating the boy who named Harry Potter occurred her, then, Harry’s series books eventually came to this world. And there is one thing that I should mention: J.K.Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, has finished her first book in Edinburgh, where is very beautiful and natural! Oh, look at this, have you recalled something happy in your childhood?

Look, do you know who she is? Well, I do think most of you should remember her name, yeah; she is Hermione Granger, the incarnation of wisdom and beauty! In Harry Potter’s world, she is a very vital girl who not only often answers teacher’s questions perfectly, but also helps Harry face many difficulties frequently. Muggle though she is, she is better at magic than many witches! On such a nice girl I can only say that I love her! Then, how about you?

To be honest, when we refer to Hermione Granger, we cannot ignore another person who named Ron Weasley, because he is the boy friend of Hermione, eh, not all right, they have gotten married in the end of the story. However, that’s not the point, personally speaking, he is not smart as Hermione, he is not famous as Harry, he is not powerful as Draco Malfoy, however, he is not only pure, but also loyal to Harry. He has company with Harry going though many sorrows, however, they also shared many happinetogether. A friend in need is a friend indeed, so is Ron!

This is Albus Dumbledore, I do think he is a real hero who can protect Harry Potter, and beat Voldemort at the same time, or at least, beat back Voldemort. However, others may do not think so, but there is nobody who can change my mind in the world, unless, you are Dumbledore.

And this is Voldemort, the man who have strong magic power and a wild ambition on ruling the magic world. In brief, we can call him big boss!

In fact, Harry Potter’s world is quiet wonderful, here are powerful heroes, and also some strong enemies; here are not only fierce battles, but also romantic kisses. In Harry’s world, you will find what love is, however, and the death. To be honest, when Sirius Black passed away, I burst into tears; when Dumbledore passed away, I burst out crying! Sometimes, I can truly feel Harry’s feeling, including sorrows and misses, especially after joining in this university. I mimy parents, but they are not here; I mimy sister, but she is studying in Canada; I mimy brother, but he is at Fujian now; I mimy friends, but they are scattering from place to place…and sometimes, I can even meet my grandfather in a beautiful situation, however, when I wake up, tears fall down and just can’s stop……So, do you understand the feeling of missing someone? Well, you may cannot describe it clearly, however, I can, because I have the same feeling as Harry have. It is just like that you will spend a long hard time to turn the ice-cold water you have drunk into hot

tears. We human-beings, always follow our heart, and misome persons, whether in other places, or in the beautiful heavens. But tears cannot make any wonders, unlewe have treasured before missing it. Therefore, from now on, we should learn to treasure all the thing we have, even though you may think you don’t have anything. Whatever, life on the go, treasure all, miless, and make wonders.

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Hello, everyone! I’m so glad to have a speech for you all today!

Yes ,of course.MY topic is “Harry potter and

I gueeveryoneknows,at least heard about it.

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling.

And the series are made eight films with fabulous success.

Harry Potter,a bespectacled little boy riding his broom around the world, set off a whirlwind of magic, the whole world crazy. In his world, miracles, myths, magic ... ...

The main plot is about Harry and his friend quest to overcome the evil dark wizard Lord Voldemort.

In fact,It is so fascinating that I have actually been attracted by the story,

The series story describe a wonderful magic world, which is the most reason of great success.

Wizards and witches could use all kinds of magic to live .They have wandsride on Broomsticks and played the most popular game ——Quidditch.

However Harry potter‘s world not only concentrates on magic . J. K. Rowling exprea optimistic life attitude and a brave and hard spirit.

Harry potter and his friends treat everything with a pure heart ,they strengthen their conviction and fight with dark forces bravely.

Overall, Harry Potter’s world is quiet wonderful, here are powerful heroes, and also some strong enemies; here are not only fierce battles, but also romantic love.

HP series is precious memory of our generation .

From 1997(the first book” Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone”published) to 2016(the last related film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:Part 2 played ) The series story has companyed with our whole childhood in14 years.

Until now We may imagin that

“If only I have a magic wand ;If only I could master magic

If only I could stuly in Hogwarts.”

At last ,let’s come back the area of dream beginning .——9 and 3/4(three quarters) platform of the King's CroStation.

I will never forget the moment that three little kids firstly met in a small train car to Hogwarts

Thank you.

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Good afternoon everyone. The topic of my presentation is harry potter .

This is the outline of my talk. I will go through three parts: author, the series of the books, main character.

Now let us go to my first part, author. I know her not only from harry potter, but for a speech that she make in the Harvard University, that name is “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination”.

My second part is the series of the books.

In my third part I want to introduce three persons that are main characters in the book.

Harry James Potter is the titular character and the protagonist of Harry Potter series. Harry learns more than magic at Hogwarts .He makes new friends and learns how important and difficult it is to be a good friend .Harry also learns to be brave and to do things he used to be afraid of .He learns the truth about his past ,a dark secret that will make his life and his choices more difficult .At Hogwarts ,Harry also learn about the power of love .

Hermione had bushy (浓密的)brown hair and brown eyes. Hermione had a brilliant mind. She exceled at most subjects and often used her quick wit and encyclopedic knowledge to help them.

RON and harry meet for the first time in Platform nine and three quarters,as the best friend of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.RON like playing wizard chess, and eager to teach harry how to play.

The central story arc(循弧线前进) concerns Harrys struggle against the evil (邪恶的)wizard Lord(主人) Voldemort(伏地魔), who killed Harrys parents and many other innocent(无罪的) people in his quest (调查)to conquer (征服)the wizarding world and subjugate(使服从) non-magical people,who were called Muggles in the magical world. Harry is the last winner

This is all my presentation.

Thank you .