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外研社杯演讲稿2017-12-18 02:32:08 | #1楼回目录

A word that has changed the world

Honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Today I would like to begin with an advertisement, “Here‘s to the crazy ones. The misfits, the rebels, the trouble-makers, the round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently, they’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things, they push the human race forward, And while some may see them as the crazy ones. We see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” This is Apple Think Different TV AD, which is Classic. And now, if I must choose a world as the one can change the world, it is “Apple”.

Steven Jobs, the visionary co-founder and former chief executive officer of the technology company Apple , has create a Series of iphone within 5 years , from 1 to 5, although 5 is still on the way, and there is the amazing point, those serious of iphone collect the luxuries and ordinary people on one level. Ordinary people have known nothing about luxuries except skimming some information from such advertisement in the past, however , with iphone’s born, we have the chance to see such scene, some students call their mother said, “could you buy an iphone to me?” and the answer would be, “ok, darling, If you get good grades in final exam”, that dialogue is similar as asking for a new pen container ten years ago. Thanks to Steven jobs, for most people, the real luxury present in the real world not just the screen.

A picture, with hundreds of millions of crowed people, located in my geography’s book, those people even cannot move on smoothly under the title “Guangzhou railway station”. What a huge market. So, innovation is not only means product but also the market tendency, besides, reducing waste resources can also depends on such idea, which would be a big change for Social structure.

iphone make the existence of New challenges and market tendency possible.

True, Emergency situation exists, take China for example, the Gini Coefficient up to 0.48 according to the report in 2016, therefore, We cannot deny that Mr. Polarization become increasing fat with economy’s raise, without considering what the cost he should pay in recent years, which is harmful to our society. And now, the iphone is born in Apple Company as Weight division, so ordinary people can take a break finally. The other day, I read such a joke when I suffered the internet, almost everybody know the TV serial “ The age of naked marriage”, which is so romantic in our eyes, but the commentator said, boys and girls, do you really believe that you can meet such a wonderful marriage just like what the TV serial show? please focus your eyes on the hero and heroine, and you will find they both use iphone 4 under the name” poor couple”. I known the joke is not so funny when prepared with the reality, but What we learn from the joke is that the iphone is so popular among young people, even the ordinary people. We hope that iphone can spur up other luxuries enter the ordinary market as a low price, which will make it possible to shorten the Gap between high rank and low rank.

How to keep the ordinary people in touch the luxury? How to reduce the polarization of the world? How to make our society becomes more Harmonious? And now, iphone give the answer. I’m not sure that there will be more companies such as Grape, Orange, Mango, Peach or others in the future, but now it is Apple.

外研社杯模拟演讲稿2017-12-18 02:31:30 | #2楼回目录

If I Had a Time Machine, I Would Travel to Tang Dynasty

My dear friend, last night I had a weird dream— I was knocked by a box named Pandora. I was so curious and eager to open it. To my surprise, nothing flied out but a sound “My girl, Here is an invisible time machine, it can fulfill your dream, tell me where you want to go. But the premise is to convince me of your reason, if succeed, just travel" Ok, please be my judges and you will get something unexpected.

If I had a time machine, I would choose Tang dynasty to enjoy my time because I can be both physically and mentally healthy.

To start with, being the centre of the world at that time, Tang dynasty was culturally liberal and free. People around the world come to the capital city to admire her positive spirit, indulgent, and comprehensive culture. Now it is time to get to know their values and how different cultures affect people’s thinking patterns. Once we are aware of the skills of intercultural communication, we will not get confused by some intercultural cases. Instead we have an overview of the situation and truly take hold of it. With the awe for culture diversity, we can’t help but show respect to their culture, Compared with ours; we probably learn something special and meaningful to add to1

our culture, which promotes the culture integration in return.In such a way we broaden you horizon and expand our world.

Naturally the mental health contributes to physical health, especially the attitude towards beauty standard. The Tangnese viewed overweight as beauty, and they didn’t encourage the diet aimed at losing weight. Take one of the four beauties, Yang Guifei, for example, who was not in accordance with the mainstream aesthetic standard, was favored by the great emperor Tang Xuanzong. They allowed overweight and respected it and even admired it. They tended to find the underlying beauty in the seemingly ugly outlook shared by our contemporary people, But that doesn’t mean they disliked slim, they allowed people to be themselves, they respected cultural diversity and encouraged it by action, which was also a kind of soft cultural power with much influence on the subjects'subconscious.

Thirdly, without the anxiety of being overweight, people can have more energy to focus on something meaningful, to devote to their hobby, to better themselves. In the real world because of the so called test-oriented examination system, I have to deal with the difficult science which is not to my liking and not my career direction in the future. But things are different2

now; I can choose not to be chained to it. I’d like to study the liberal arts including the mysterious history and geography, and some instruments like the zither. They contribute to my peaceful mind and the inner tranquility which is not easily found in people in the modern times. So it makes me closer to my inner world and better my personality. All in all, I enhance my spiritual cultivation and refine the character.

To sum up, if you want to choose a place where you have acceto open your mind by intercultural communication, and let people accept who you are both physically and spiritually, Tang dynasty will be the perfect place to consider,

Now ladies and gentlemen, do you think my explanations are qualified?If it is, the box says you are also qualified to travel with me. Let’s go!


外研社杯2016冠军演讲稿2017-12-18 02:32:31 | #3楼回目录


Good morning/afternoon, ladies and gentlemen:

The Restriction to Creativity Is My Top Concern

Have you ever wondered how many plastic bags our nation uses a day? Would you believe it if I said that total could fill an entire three-story building? Yes, sadly that’s right. In China, more than 20 billion plastic bags are consumed everyday, making our country’s plastic pollution unbearable. Nowadays, plastics have been considered as the worst invention the 20th century while back in the 1890s it was regarded as a groundbreaking creation. From the case of plastic bags, we can see that creativity should be guided, cultivated and well adapted.

From steam engines to space ships, from abacus to computers, each major invention brought human beings into a new era, providing us with comforts and fortune. But when pulled away from the spotlight, we can realize that creativity has also brought us into the shadows of environmental pollution, nuclear wars, and unethical scientific experiments. Shouldn’t industrial creativity be restricted to save the Amazon forests? Shouldn’t military creativity be constrained to avoid nuclear

Genocide? And would it be better if scientific creativity were supervised to save us the trouble figuring out whether a cloned human should call its genetic provider daddy or what?

In the mean time, the power to dream also has a major impact on social ethos. There’s no denying that anti-racism, human rights and what gave me the chance to stand here today—women’s liberation have engaged us into a more civilized world. However, that does not mean social ideas do not have the power to produce alarming effects. During the WWII racial ideology resulted in the massacre of 6 million Jews and in China, our population policies before the 1980s gave us more than 500 million people in just 30 years, putting heavy burden on both the environment and economy.

From all these examples above, we can conclude that what creativity can offer us should be a concern. So, today when everyone is stressing the importance of bringing creativity into our lives, I streon putting restriction on creativity. Because with no restriction, there’s no order! Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, let us have a little restriction to creativity and it will benefit us and the generations to come!